Introducing portray - Your Project with Great Documentation

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project: 2/52
Title/Link: portray
Pitch: Beautiful documentation websites for Python projects without the work.
Read if: You create Python projects that could use browseable and searchable static documentation websites.
Skip if: You don't create Python projects. Or, you've already created documentation sites for your Python projects and are …

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Project 1/52: preconvert - Supercharge Your Serialization!

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Project: 1/52
Title/Link: preconvert
Pitch: No more is not JSON serializable errors
Read if: You use JSON, MessagePack, BSON, or similar. Or, you are interested in the state of developing Python projects.
Skip if: You don't use serialization, only use it with basic built-in types, or only use …

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My Wife and I at the Space Needle

Hi, I'm Timothy! I'm a Principal Software Engineer and Open Source Evangelist working on technologies to keep the web safe at DomainTools. I live with my wife Amanda and our daughter Penny in the Licton Springs Neighborhood of Seattle.

You may know me from one of my Python projects, such …


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