Introducing isort 5: The Refactoring of a 10 Year Old Project

isort 5 Logo

project: 8/52
Title/Link: isort5
Pitch: isort your imports, so you don't have to.
Read if: You're interested in Python auto formatters or the challenges of refactoring widely used code that is a decade in the making.
Skip if: You're not interested in auto formatters, or are only interested …

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Sign-up for PyCascade Sprints!

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Coming up VERY soon (this weekend), is my favorite yearly conference: PyCascades! It's a regional conference that takes place in the PNW, this year in Portland, covering all things Python. If you haven't signed up yet, and live in the PNW, I encourage you to check it out! You'll meet …


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Introducing streamdeck_ui

streamdeck_ui Logo

project: 7/52
Title/Link: streamdeck_ui
Pitch: For the first time, use Elgato Stream Deck devices on Linux without needing to code.
Read if: You own or have wanted to own an Elgato Stream Deck device and use Linux.
Skip if: You aren't interested in Stream Decks or other programmable …

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Introducing cruft - A tool to manage project boilerplate

cruft Logo

project: 6/52
Title/Link: cruft
Pitch: Create projects quickly from templates and keep them up to date against those same templates.
Read if: You use Cookiecutter, or another project templating tool, and have struggled with managing the boilerplate they generate.
Skip if: You don't create enough individual projects to …

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Introducing hypothesis-auto - An extension for Hypothesis that provides fully automatic testing for type hinted functions

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project: 5/52
Title/Link: hypothesis-auto
Pitch: Have tests automatically generated for you.
Read if: You are interested in increasing test coverage, utilizing property-based testing, or reducing the number of tests you need to write by hand.
Skip if: You already heavily utilize Hypothesis or another property testing system.
Prior …

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